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Correlate Simple

June 13, 2023 2023-06-14 9:25

Correlate is simplicity

of information overview and sharing

Find, organize and present information effortlessly


Core working​


Empowers you to create boards, providing a visual and organized way to manage and share knowledge within organization.


Seamlessly integrates boards, allowing you to centralize and organize information from various sources.


Efficiently collaborate, track progress, and enhancing team productivity and streamlining workflows.

Simple, yet powerful features

Elevate your knowledge management efforts with our simplified yet robust platform

Time efficient

Streamline data integration effortlessly

Experience the power of automatic cloud integration tracking, enabling seamless synchronization of your data across multiple platforms. Say goodbye to manual data transfers and enjoy real-time updates for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

Customizable Work

Create your perfect work environment

Tailor your workspace to match your unique preferences and optimize your productivity. Define tracking rules that align with your team's needs, ensuring that tasks and progress are accurately monitored.

Simplify document sharing

Seamless collaboration across all formats

Understand the challenges of sharing documents across different formats and have developed a solution that simplifies the process. Allowing you to easily share and collaborate on files without worrying about format limitations.

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Open beta program

Join us for a collaborative journey of growth with free access to our unlimited teams plan for six months. Explore seamless collaboration with your entire organization and gain exclusive access to our 'Lab' for beta testing new features and providing feedback.

Unlocking Efficiency

Overcoming Challenges for Seamless Collaboration

Access control

Only authorized team members can view, edit, or share

Collaboration conflicts

Resolving all conflicts and ensuring a smooth collaboration experience

Integration with tools

Lead to workflow interruptions, manual data transfers, or information silos

Unlock. Collaborate. Innovate.

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Your participation matters. Join us in shaping the future of knowledge management. Share your insights, contribute to cutting-edge research, and together, let's transform the way we work and innovate.

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    People who loves information sharing

    what our customers say about us


    Dave Johnson

    UX Designer, Google
    Now I actually find that it's easy to keep colleagues updated. Boards are very handy and communication easier rather than just having one email with seven documents attached. It's great!

    Ann Lasso

    Correlate allows you to look into different workflows very quickly. It allows for quick access to colleagues' work, so easy to stay up to date.

    Bhargav Verma

    Being able to combine different data sources together in the same board allows us to use our internal repositories for storing information and connecting it via links - so it the end. it's easily sorted and better organized.