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Our Story

Our Story

June 4, 2023 2023-06-07 11:58

Correlate Solutions received a US Patent for their innovative system and method for managing semantic network display. This patent demonstrated their early expertise in organizing and presenting complex networks of interconnected information.


Correlate Solutions made significant advancements with their solution for IBM Lotus Document Management. This demonstrated their commitment to enhancing document management processes and providing tailored solutions for IBM Lotus users.


Correlate Solutions was acquired by a Norwegian consulting company, marking a milestone in their journey. Under new ownership, they were positioned as a services platform, enabling them to expand their reach and deliver their expertise to a broader client base.


IBM announced the end of life for Lotus, but this didn’t hinder Correlate’s progress. They successfully delivered their Correlate solution for SharePoint, showcasing their adaptability and commitment to serving their customers’ evolving needs.


Correlate Solutions expanded their offerings to include a collaborative platform specifically designed for engineering documentation and manufacturing books. This demonstrated their focus on providing industry-specific solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by engineering and manufacturing professionals.


Recognizing the potential for growth and transformation, Correlate Solutions secured seed financing. This allowed them to transition into an internet company and adopt the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, positioning them as a leading provider of cloud-based collaboration solutions.

Launch closed beta for new internet based Software as a Service platform

Data-driven digital management platform for EU Horizon

projects: Cities2030(101000640) and Female (101017562)